"Will County's Landmark For Good Eating"

Merichka's Circa 1950

On April 18, 1933 when prohibition was repealed, Mary (Merichka) Zdralevich and her son Joe started Merichka's.  Merichka's is the Slovenian translation for Mary.  Merichka tended bar by day and her son Joe tended bar by night after working a day shift as a lithographer.  As business grew so did the size of the restaurant, with son Joe doing most of the remodeling himself.

     Merichka passed away in 1957 just as the first large expansion was completed with a new kitchen, and the red room, which was the original kitchen and their apartment.
The Green room was originally a dance hall located in the rear portion of our main parking lot, which at the time was our beer garden.  The dance hall was moved by pushing it on round timbers up to the west side of the bar room and then attached to the building. 

     Rose Kolenc, Godmother to Merichka's grand-daughter Mary Kay and grandson Joe Jr. was instrumental in our success at Merichka's.  Rosie worked and ran our kitchen for over 46 years.  Rosie, Merichka and Joe Sr., combined their different ideas to come up with our now world famous Poor-Boy Sandwich.  Rosie was also responsible for our very popular house salad dressing and fabulous onion rings and double baked potatoes.

     After the opening of Merichka's in 1933, the 3rd & 4th generations strive to carry on and serve you in the same manner as Merichka, Rosie, and Joe Sr. did for so many years.

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